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Hodgepodge (Camille Saroyan) King of the Lab (himself, Temperance Brennan, and Cam, once in The Bones on the Blue Line.)Thurston (Finn Abernathy)Hodgkins (Amber Kippler) Bug Boy, Bugs and Slime Guy (Seeley Booth)Curly (Jessica Warren)Hodgey (Angela Montenegro)King of Egypt (correspondent to Angela) Dr.Jonathan Jack Stanley Hodgins is an entomologist, botanist, and mineralogist who works at the Jeffersonian Institute.In The Maiden in the Mushrooms, after using the last of Finn's late grandma's hot sauce, Hodgins figures out the ingredients, and opens a side business called "Opie and Thurston's Hot Sauce".In season 9, the episode "The Heiress in the Hill", Hodgins learns that he has a mentally ill older brother, Jeffrey Hodgins, whom his parents had concealed from him.He also receives a car as a gift from his father-in-law in season five.In the first season episode "The Man with the Bone" it is also revealed Hodgins is an experienced cave diver.He wants them to respect him for his contributions and not fear him because technically he could be considered their boss.Booth, Zack and Angela knew about his family, but respected his wishes to keep it from Brennan.

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He claims he is looking for a "meaningful connection".Overwhelmingly devastated by his best friend's poor judgment and as well as his recent break up with Angela (see: Relationship with Angela Montenegro), Hodgins' beliefs and feelings of paranoia turned into misanthropy.He explains he "hates everybody" in a session he scheduled with Sweets after being repeatedly confronted by Sweets while working in the lab in The Finger in the Nest.Booth calls him "Bug Boy" and at the beginning, he doesn't like it but he comes to it.

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Hodgins is one of the more sarcastic members of the group. Goodman's (the administrator of the Jeffersonian Institution) approach to his work, but gets along much better with Cam, the head of forensics.Jack Hodgins cares greatly for his brother and the two bond over Jules Verne and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" which their father read to both of them every night before bed.