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Both Paterson and Dickson Wright affected unconcern with fat or calories.Paterson also smoked heavily and, at one point, took the opportunity to go out for a cigarette while a dish cooked in the oven.The show centred on Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, travelling the United Kingdom for most of the episodes, except for one episode in Ireland and a Christmas special in Jamaica, on a Triumph Thunderbird motorbike driven by Paterson.It sported the registration N88 TFL (the British bingo call for number 88 is "Two Fat Ladies") and had a Watsonian Jubilee GP-700 "doublewide" sidecar where Dickson Wright rode.Since then, the show has been repeated frequently on the Food Network and Cooking Channel in the U. and on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Australia.

Recipes such as this led to criticism by some who considered them to be a bad influence on the British diet.

Dickson Wright said that after Paterson's funeral, she ate the caviar as a tribute to her friend.