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10-Oct-2017 12:00

If you’re 50m underwater playing with sharks and you make a mistake – that’s it, you’re dead. You think they’ll come a point where animals will stop being that cool or it's just going to be your job.

And then you get out there and you see a monkey or a bear or whatever, and you’re amazed again.

I took Bongo’s [the lion] brush and started to do his favourite thing in the world – comb his mane. When I was 24 I was approached by the head of the Discovery Channel. I was working for a not-for-profit, not taking a salary.

Most of these problems are in poro countries where the population needs the same resources that hte animals need.

And he was like: "You live in a tent, by yourself, in the middle of Africa. I have a network that goes out to millions of homes.